Roadtrip wrap up


There are so many things that took place on this trip I’m going to break it all down in bullet form and then mayhaps blog about things that have stayed on my mind.  Here goes…

  • Being in the military has made me a good highway driver (I was a transporter)
  • My Dad is overstressed and has entirely too much responsibility
  • I fear for my Dad’s health
  • My Dad is too damn old to have a 5yr old kid
  • My lil sister is still dealing with her mother’s death 5 yrs later
  • No teenage girl should be without her mother
  • My 5 yr old lil brother is an asshole
  • My mother needs some form of intense counseling
  • My big sis has some serious issues with our mother she needs to work out in counseling
  • I’m closer to forgiving my mom for being who she is
  • I am in love with my husband (cried as I typed that)
  • It’s hard being in love with someone you don’t trust and are afraid of
  • My cousin lied to our childhood friends about why he moved back home from the east coast
  • My cousin told our friends my aunt (his mother) was dying of cancer and he need to take care of her
  • I didn’t get a chance to confront him about lying on his mama
  • While I don’t really like her ( I was scared of her growing up) I do love my grandma
  • Visiting my Granny’s grave was harder than I thought it would be
  • I’m still not okay with my Granny being gone (thought I was)
  • The projects I grew up in aren’t a big as I remember
  • My old elementary school is closed now
  • I now feel disconnected from my home town and that makes me so sad
  • My sister had forgiven her wicked step mother but not our mother
  • I believe my big sister is in a lot of pain emotionally (she lost her grandmother)
  • The recession has hit my extended family very hard
  • My cousin and her husband are moving back home from up north to find a jobs
  • My Dad’s wife kept her crazy in the box
  • My mother lives in the ghetto
  • I was afraid to be there
  • I feel like a snob when it comes to her
  • She now has a job (thank you LORD!)
  • My Auntie G is having knee surgery this month
  • Her husband is having kidney issues
  • Uncle D’s doctor wants him to wait 6mths and then check his kidneys
  • I told them to get a 2nd opinion ASAP
  • I only got to see KC(my BFF) for 20 minutes
  • Her husband came home
  • I wish fire ants upon his honey covered asshole
  • I really don’t like my lil brother
  • I could wait another 5yrs to see him again
  • I finally told my moms the illegal stuff I did growing up
  • She was truly shocked
  • Some of my family members hold opinions about the gay community that are old school
  • My little brother is rude and obnoxious
  • My Pawpaw is going to be 87 and is mean (and lovable) as ever
  • I’m really happy to be home

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  1. I think I was okay until I read the fire ants and asshole…that shit just does not go together. What in the hell are you all doing on Big Sky? Help me Lord!

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