Roadtrip II


I made it safely to the City.  Dropped my Mama off, and continued onto my Dad’s house.  Of course I ran into horrible rain the last hour of my trip, but for a 10 hr trip that’s not bad.

I spoke with my grandfather last night.  He didn’t remember me at first (dementia) but after I pulled out a picture of me and my dad together he just smiled.  We talked for 45min and he gave me all the lastest news for the family.

Telling me how I was when I was little and used to visit him and his mother(my great grandmother).  Asked me about the antique rocking his chair HIS mother gave to me when I was just a little girl(yes I still have it).

He’s almost 87 and I’m amazed at him.  He a little worn around the ages, but he’s still Pawpaw.

It’s good to be here.

The funeral is tomorrow and my big sis is flying back in from VA.  She’s been really strong through her loss, but I know losing her grandmother (not mine, different dads) is leaving her out of sorts.  I’m here for whatever she needs.

The middle leg of this trip (4 states in one day) wasn’t bad.  My mom and I kept it light, talked about the kids and other family members.  She didn’t even ask to smoke in my truck (the answer would of been NO!)  Hopefully the  ride home is just as smooth.

I miss the Mister and the Teenager, but don’t tell nobody.


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  1. Ooooh, you are weak…:o) I know you miss the hubby…and J. Good for you! See…always tryna be hard. We gonna invite them to the movies…hopefully they will say yes.:o) Take care. Enjoy as much as you can considering the reason you are there…and hopefully you will have some more conversations with PawPaw. Those are the memories that life is made of. I love old people…they are “Antiques” too.:o)

  2. See why you got be so LOUD! LOL! Just put me on blast…I said don’t tell nobody. LOL!

    I misses you too, so boo to you!

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