Never Mine


Today is the day I must decide, today I want to decicde.

I need to get this feeling out of my life.  I shouldn’t allow myself to feel this way.  So on the verge so on edge.

Those 32 days weren’t all that hard.  Mayhaps today should be day one plus infinity.

I’ve turned my back on the real before.  Just shut it out and I was d.o.n.e.

Is today the day?

Or am I just a coward…I know I am.

See if I just stop myself I get to leave on my terms… I don’t have to ask questions I don’t have to know the truth.

Just one of many.

Wow.  How slow was I not to even think of all of that on my own.

I’m a shitty friend because I can’t even allow you to tell my YOUR truth, because I don’t want you to know mine.

Perhaps I was never really your friend at all, and you were never mine.

You were never mine.


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