How did she get here?  I didn’t know what to tell her.  I ached for her.  I had been in the same place many years ago.  I moved home to my moms and got on with living my life.  She doesn’t have that support system.

He’s hit her, more than once.  She thinks she may have a broken nose as I type this.

Our friendship has grown for more than 2 decades, we are family.  My family is hurting, my family is in danger.

She gave up her career to give her kids her all, some where along the lines she lost her marriage.  She has found she is married to a monster who lives in the bottom of an alcohol bottle.

She has two little ones, her life, her heart.  I told her she has a right to be safe and keep them safe.

She is embarrassed and ashamed, I told her she doesn’t have to ashamed or embarrassed of having loved someone.  Once upon a time she loved him.

Her pain is beyond physical, the emotional pain is shattering her being.

I fear for her life and I feel helpless.


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