What’s that about?


So now that my house is empty, I’m reflecting on the celebration.

Overall I had a good time.  There were few bumps in the road and I’ll be blogging here and there about all of them.

I was so excited for my Big Sis to come in from the east coast.  I hadn’t seen her since 2007 when our we threw our step sis a baby shower.

She arrived on Thursday and I cried like a baby when she pulled up in the driveway…all the tattoo drama long forgotten.

I showed her around the house, she hadn’t seen it since we moved in.

That heffa bitched and moaned all the way through the house…”the kids rooms were dirty (we were in the process of cleaning them out) my house was junky and crowded (my house is small and we purchased one of kind hand made furniture before we bought it didn’t leave a lot of room) I should be ashamed because the house was just a mess!”

I guess she thought because my inlaws were in the house she would get a free pass.  My response… “Damn heffa you been here 4 minutes and you been complaining the whole time, shut the hell up already damn!”  Everyone laughed because me delivery was just off the chain!

Not once did she offer her assistance, which I didn’t need, but if your ass is going to complain do something about the issue or shut.the.fuck.up!

I decided that her hair needed a little twisiting (she’s natural because her hair started to fall out a year ago)  She had small flat twists in the front and a nice sized puff in the back, I two strand twisted her hair with some oyin handmade so she could chunky fro it for the graduation.  We had a full bottle of wine together, just celebrating family and good times.

Fast forward to Saturday, I’m drinking some bomb ass margaritas made my Ms. E, my lil sis.  I have my HUGE 46 oz glass I scored at the Riverwalk.  Good times.  We all had a great time and fun was had by all.

Now everyone is leaving on Sunday (except the inlaws) and my sister comes over we are all just chillin’.  It’s been a good time.  My big sis looks me dead in the eye and says “this is the first time I’ve seen you sober all week end”   I just laughed at her.  Now I’m not sure if she was TRYING to embarrass me or if she was just a little salty for whatever reason, but my response “Girl please if you ain’t see me sober, it was because you was drunk with me!”  Then I laughed at her.  Then I explained that I hadn’t been drunk all weekend. (trust I can hold my own in the tasty beverage race).  My mama and auntie G piped in that I hadn’t been drunk all weekend, not even close.  They have seen me hold it down on past holidays, they know my capacity.

Big sis didn’t have too much more to say after that.  While I enjoyed her company I’m not too sure she totally enjoyed mine.

We have never really had the sibling rivalry thing going on.  She and my mother were close for years, after I figured out my mother was a little crazy I was cool with that.  We never competed in school, or for boys, or in anything I can really remember.

The weeks and days leading up to the celebration I was anxious about my mother’s behavior, guess I didn’t see the blindside coming from the east coast.  I’m not angry with my big sis, just dismayed that she wouldn’t act like she had better home training.  What’s that about?


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