It takes a village…


Well we made it!

The teenager turned 18!

The whole family showed up for his graduation.  I realized as he opened his graduation/birthday gifts that the people in that room were our village.  The people who had held my hand, given advice, and set me straight along the way.

I will be posting pics soon.


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  1. I miss the opening of the gifts, but do know that I am part of that Village!:o) Congratulations! You made it through all of the mountains. Great Job Mom!

  2. The Hubby was there reppin’ for your family! Everybody loved him!

    Couldn’t have done it without ya’ll!

  3. Awwwww, that is good to know! He can be aiight sometimes.:o) He is a good conversationalist though. I have to give him that. My Mom loves that about him…that is why I am stuck with him. LOL…she loves him.(Ugh!):o)

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