The Game


I don’t understand men.

You want to work out in the yard, good it needs a little TLC.  I’ll work on the dust and dirt on the inside.

You want to watch the game on the NEW tv, I’m cool with that too.

So why are you so peeved when I grab my laptop and entertain myself?

I didn’t make one peep when you said you wanted to watch the game on a tv I was holding the remote for.  I handed it over and reached for what entertains me…the internet.

I guess I’m suppose to sit and watch YOU while you watch the GAME.  That’s some simple minded man nonsense.

You can’t have it both ways, either you want to enjoy my company and have my undivided attention or you want to watch the game, you can’t have it both ways you fucking tittay baby!

Get over yourself.

I’m so glad your mama is coming tomorrow cuz I know you miss having all the shine on your ass, when she gets here you need to get your fix.

I ain’t playing that game.


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