Keep Fighting…Marriage Rights for ALL Adults!


I don’t get it, I just don’t understand.

Why do people get to vote on whether or not a person can marry another person?

The thing that makes me the most sick is the fact that it’s people’s “moral” compass which is dictating marriage rights.

Your religion should not interfere with my right to do what is LEGAL for every sound adult to do!

I’m just sick to death of people.

These nuts keep saying “well the majority has spoken and this is what they want”  SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Take a loooong look at America’s history and you will see why that statement doesn’t hold a ounce of common sense!

America has a history of slavery, rape, and other civil rights violations…upheld by whom…the MAJORITY!

Had this been a vote on interracial marriage in the 1960’s me and my husband would be breaking the law…so we know the majority is quite often WRONG.

You can not and should not pass laws to take away the rights of law abiding adults.  That’s not what America stands for.

To all of my rainbow family, I love you and I am in your corner 110%.  Stay strong and keep loving!


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  1. But you shouldn’t HAVE to wait…that’s some bullshit right there!

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