It ain’t monday why does it feel like monday!


My day is filled with school work.  School work that should be done already.  The clock is ticking and I’m racing against time. 

I have my first skills validation today.  I will be graded on 5 nursing skills, two of those five are unknown.  Not nervous yet, but I feel the bubble guts coming on.

Got good news from the hubby today, he’s actually passing his courses.  I’m not surprised but he doesn’t have much confidence when it comes to that area.  I’m happy he’s doing well, hopeful it will become a family tradition. 

Still haven’t marked anything off my to do list.  I’m trying though.

The morning started off a little shaky with me crying on the way to campus.  Anthony got me again…most days I’m finding my pain about love is self inflicted.  I’m hoping for the rest of the week, I’m so busy I’ll have no time for such foolishness!


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  1. You are right! It did feel like Monday again. So much to do…so little time to do it in. Good-ness!

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