Advice needed


I’m trying to get my yard up to par this season.  We have some really HORRIBLE weeds popping up.  I’ve hand treated the ones I saw and then had the teenager pull out the really tall ones a few days after they were treated.

I decided to do a spray treatment with the water hose as well.  Just for good measure and get the weeds I had missed with the hand sprayer.

The hubby had tried to start some outside plants and what not,  they look like dead crap but he is holding out hope they will bounce back…alrighty then.

I noticed while I was turning off the hose someone cat(s) have been using our patch of earth as their litter box.  I’m just hot right now.  Just cat shit all over…GROSS.

First off I hate cats, can’t stand them.  I’m CRAZY allergic (passed that on to two of my kids) and I just hate the shedding and the rubbing and the jumping…just all of it.

(I do have a very soft spot for kitten, but they have to be little)

So if you are a cat lover and have a sure fire plan that will keep the cats from shitting on what’s mine, I will gladly take some advice, if not I’m going to start putting out bowls of antifreeze.

Ion know why people just let their cats run around free.  I can’t let my dogs run around shitting on folks’ property, I ain’t having it.  That is just some nastiness I won’t abide.


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  1. My mom used to put mothballs in our flower beds. They didn’t smell so hot, but they were better than cat pee.

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