You Passive-Aggressive muthafuckah!!!


I’m just too through with this shit, I don’t know why he doesn’t know me after so many years.

The more you push me and treat me like shit, the less inclined I feel to tolerate bullshit.

You know what this mofo just did?  Changed the background on the computer from that niggershyt cadillac (oh yeah about 3mths ago he wanted a 43K CTS with some ol’ niggardly rims) to the 35K Nissan he’s slobberin’ over.

So every time I pass the computer I will have to force myself NOT to laugh at his immature fuckery!

I’m too old for this shit!


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  1. chiming in to say i’m over here dying about this car infatuation! now, is this a 350z he’s wanting. that’s a damn good family car right there! i was just discussing with TL how we could strap pepita to the roof. i heard they got a latch system on the roof of that thing…

    she gave me the side eye – hater.

  2. U are a nut! I’m surprised Lib didn’t smack you with MyMy’s dirty diaper. LOL!

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