Your selfishness amazes me.  How can you even fix your mind to make spending our money on something that simply benefits you and your ego?  35K for a sports car with two seats…riFUCKINdiculous!

Hey self absorbed guy…we have a family of five!

You even brought it up over dinner…wow…spoiled and bratty much?

For you to say…with a straight face… this vehicle is PRACTICAL, is beyond insane.

I’m so tired of your fuckery!


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  1. HE HAS A MOTORCYCLE IT’S NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD…IT WAS NEW AND SHINY!!! LOL!!!! He’s worse than the kids. I said yes to the motorcycle because we still had a 2nd car he could take the kids around in. If he gets a new car the old SUV goes to our teenager. UGH I was I could take a vacay right now! LOL

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