Auto Mo Bills!!!


Sometimes I HATE when he has days off during the week.  A grown man unsupervised shouldn’t be an issue right?

I knew when I got home that he had spent most of his day off doing man shit…(which means he did NATHIN’ all day)

He tells me he’s just about ready to leave for his six weeks of school.  I say good and JOKINGLY ask him if he could have at least washed one pair of my socks today and perhaps one of my bras.  He laughs because he knows he has done nothing productive for the household and he’s busted.

I understand not wanting to do laundry, hence the reason there is so fucking much of it!!!

I’m in the bedroom hiding from his kids when he comes in with THE LOOK!  I’ve seen this look HUNDREDS of times over the past 13 1/2yrs!  THAT LOOK means soon he will tell me how he’s about to spend THOUSANDS of OUR dollars on something new and shiny.  So he’s standing there with THAT LOOK and I just look at him and say NO.  I didn’t even want to entertain it, not when I don’t have any clean socks or bras!

So he laughs because he knows I’m not going to just roll over for his fuckery.

He then shows me the glossy brochure for……

A new 30K+ sports car!  So I just look at this white man like he’s trying to sell me beach property in Iraq.

I remind him of his promise that he would not spend any more money on “new and shiny” things until we had paid off all of our debts.  I also pointed out how in the past he hasn’t been a man of his word and how this new car will just be the tip of the iceberg in his spending, after the car there will be something else.  I told him if and when there was a new car purchase it would have to be something that would fit our family of five.  I didn’t even go into the fact that we have a kid who will soon (God please) be headed off to college.  We are on the hook for at least helping with the first semester.  My husband often suffers from man-memory, you know he only remembers what he thinks is relevant.

So I told him since we had just paid off my truck(thank you God!) we could tackle the bills and he could get a nice luxury SEDAN when the bills were paid.  I again reminded him of HIS promise to hold off on his spending.

He then wanted to right then…did I mention I had been on campus in classs from 8am(Senior Stats class) until 7pm (Chemistry II lab) well yeah Thursdays are my loooong days get out our bill book (yeah I’m old school) and see how long until we were debt free.

Of course he NEVER touches the bill book, he only adds bills to the pages.  I didn’t know where it was. He made it his mission to find it and he did.  So he gets to adding up what we still owe and what will be going out.  The numbers didn’t add up. ( I tried not to laugh, but I was rolling on the inside)

The oddest thing that happened…he realized that all his new and shiny purchases of the past years were the VERY reason there is no new and shiny car in his immediate future!  FUNNY!

I don’t think any of the things that were new and shiny yesterday feel so new and shiny today… odd isn’t it!


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  1. This was actually comedy. That is right…all of his Shiny and New probably does equal a “Shiny and New” car. Hmph…never thought of it this way.

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