Happy April!


April fools motherstrokers!

That’s the word for today motherstrokers!  It’s April and I’m excited about that, not sure why though.  Perhaps because things are going well <oh no I said that out loud…here comes the rain>  We are making it.  Head down everyday trying to make it one moment at a time.

This time a year ago, things were at the beginning of the end of life as I knew it.  I’m a little bruised but it was truly an eye opening experience.  Though I still have fear and anger, I TRY and understand that it’s a two way street and you must give to get.  If it’s not working TRY something different.  I’ve been down but I’m not out.

I’m a better me, TRYING to get into shape for ME!  Eating is getting better, workout is going a’ight!  LOL!!



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  1. Love the new word. I’ll integrate it into tonight’s convo with the hub. Good for trying to get into shape. I’m in the same boat and trying to maintain a running program I started a few weeks ago. It hurts so badly, but that seems to make it more gratifying.

  2. I’ve taken up MMA style boxing training. I’m old and creaky but I plan to look good!

  3. You know you be coming up with some words.:o) Hope you enjoyed MMA tonight, I wish I were there. I can really feel it when I don’t work out. Ugh!

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