What the fuck, write something already!


I know this sounds crazy but sometimes I get a little perturbed when my favorite bloggers don’t blog.  Blogs have become a sort of life line for me.  It makes me see that everyone has bumps in the road and I’m not so alone.

I have them saved to my favorites, and have recently added a few.

So everyday I click to see what’s the haps and BAM!  NADA!!

As crazy as it sounds I miss my blog friends when they aren’t actively blogging…sad but true.

Don hasn’t written anything since Oct!  I think he may have caught a case or something.  LOL!!

Please keep writing and I’ll keep reading and responding!

Thank you, that.is.all!


5 responses »

  1. I am starting my BLOG again…I need my “out” back…it is so refreshing to let it flow…

  2. @Giggle LOL! I know ya’ll are busy with Pepita so I understand.

    @Me I didn’t want to call you out, but I knew you’d be back to bloggin’…you just can’t stay away! LOL!

  3. i know, i know.. i’ll get better. i’m contemplating a NP fast so i think that’ll save a lot of brain cells for something actually productive.. like writing.

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