You must want to fight!


Today is Sunday. It is the very last of school break until the summer. I’m a little nervous about this coming week because I have two tests I need to do well on. I have to get a B or better in Patho or repeat the course to enter nursing school. I’m at an 80 right now BARELY.

Me and the rugrats have spent most of spring break in the house. This part of the state hasn’t seen measurable rain since October, yeah fucking October. Can you see where I’m going with this…I’ll wait….

It was 35 degrees and raining for about 4 days.

Booo rain!

Booo rain!

Prior to the break it was pretty warm 65 to 90 degrees on any given day, so mother nature being the trickster she is gave us crap weather for the break.


Today the sun is out the birds are singing and it’s suppose to be 70.

Hellooo Sunshine

Hellooo Sunshine

The only thing I can deduce from all this is mother nature must want to fight me. Why else would she have me locked up in the house with two children for 4 days. She obviously has a grudge or something. I give her the middle finger and keep it moving. That bitch got tornadoes and I ain’t that crazy!


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