She so lost…


My sister and I are really close, it took us years to get that way but she is one of my best friends.

We both have mama issues (we have different dads) my sister has been my rock since our mother decided mothering just wasn’t something she had time for.

I sent my oldest son out to the east coast to visit her and her family. It’s his senior year in high school and he’s been a handful for a while now. I thought it would be good for him to get out of our small town and spend time with his cousins.

He left on Friday, I talked to him when he got off the plane and I called him again this evening but they were in church. I called later so I could check on him and he seemed to be doing fine. He told me he spent the day with his cousins and had found someone to twist up his fro…good times.

He then tells me he wants to get a tattoo, I repeat his request to his dad and without hesitation dad says when he’s 18. I tell him it’s fine as soon as he’s 18. He then tells his aunt our decisions and she gets on the phone in a huff because he’ll be 18 in 3mths (1 June). I tell I’m aware of that and fine if she wants to take him for one AFTER his H.S. graduation at the end of May. He attends a very conservative H.S. (no earrings, boys clean shaven no ripped clothing, no wild hair etc) A tattoo in the wrong place could spell big trouble.

I ask her to put him back on the phone and I tell him in no uncertain terms he is NOT to return home with a tattoo. My son is easily influenced and has always been a follower. I want to make sure this is HIS decision and he’s not being pressured by the family ( the boys are 22 and 19). My son has been known to make very unwise decisions in the past. I told him that if he came home with a tattoo we would have it removed. I also explained how that process is more painful than the tattoo itself. I also reminded him he’s TERRIFIED of needles (another reason I don’t think this was entirely his idea). He has asthma and we have spent time in the E.R. and there’s always a needle involved and he’s always a drama queen about the needles.

My sis gets BACK on the phone and tells me she’s mad. I’m thinking it’s another issue with the kids,but she tells me she’s mad I won’t let him get the tattoo. I tell her without pause I don’t give a damn about her being mad. She then tells me I’m acting like our mother (fighting words) because I’m getting loud and cussin’ (damn is in the bible ain’t it biggrin.gif ) I tell her she’s acting like our mother because she’s giving her opinion where it’s not needed AND she’s trying to run MY house.

She tells me she’s going to pray for me unsure.gif laugh.gif and I tell her I’ve never stopped praying for her. I tell her to have a good evening, I love her and good night. I pressed pause on her ass!

There have been plenty of times I haven’t agreed with her parenting style. I just kept my mouth shut. I even defended her to my mother when she tried to trash how she parents the kids (4 of them).

How dare she disrespect me and my husband in front of our son, how dare she try to push my buttons.

I am so pissed right now.

Whew she better hope he doesn’t come home with a tattoo, it’s a wrap for a friendship if she does this.

I’m thinking he’s already got the damn tattoo and she’s trying to cover her ass. dry.gif


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  1. wow! the i’m going to pray for you line is classic! meanwhile, i’m thinking he already may have the tattoo too. totally unacceptable – she should have asked you first. i’m anxious to see what tattoo he wants to get. when it comes to those, you get what you pay for! i’ll never go to a cheap tattoo artist ever again.

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