Blessed Possibilities


There are times I’m not sure I want to be a nurse practitioner.  I know I want to provide care, but I’m not sure the path that will take. 

I know I have time to decide where I want my degree to take me.  I thought of being a midwife, but I am a huge advocate of drugs for pain.  Not sure how that would be embraced.  I thought of becoming a CRNA, but I don’t want to step out of the work force to pursue grad school.  Again I know I have time and choices. 

I’m also looking at job security doing something I enjoy.  I never felt like I had job security in the Air Force.  Felt like things could turn on a dime and against me at any moment.  I’ve thought of finishing out the 9 yrs I have left, but midwifery would be the only road that would keep me out of war.

I want to be able to buy a home and plan for our future without fear of losing my livelihood.  Perhaps in this space and time, that simply isn’t possible.

I know I don’t want to miserable going to work and I know I want options.  Those things are very important to me.

I am blessed to have these possibilities.


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  1. we are blessed to have possibilities – to have several doors open, to decide what we want to do and not all the time what we HAVE to do. although sometimes it seems like something little, it is truly something to be thankful for. thank you for the reminder.

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