I tried to get him to understand some of my fear.

I asked him if he ever worried about our marriage…his answer…no.  His reasoning… we had been through soooo much and been together struggling to make it for so long…we are forever bound in this universe.

I found it oddly comforting that he’s so comfortable in a marriage filled with so much strife and struggle.  I didn’t point fingers, because I know I have hearty contributions to the struggles we have endured over the past 13.5 yrs.

Another side of me believes this man has lost his mind.  LOL!  I didn’t tell him he was painting himself into a lonely corner.  I do not share the same sentiment when it comes to marriage.

I come from a family where the woman may stay for decades and then bounce.  I didn’t point that out to him, didn’t seem like the right time or place.

I did mention that longevity isn’t the most solid foundation for a marriage.  Love, mutual respect , and loyalty are high on my list of marriage bedrock.  I told him I wasn’t content to tick off the years that I wanted a living breathing GROWING marriage.  He got me.  He understood my fear of lacking essential elements.

Then he bent me over the kitchen counter and groped me while I tried to finish up dinner…some things never change.


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  1. So I don’t understand, is the groping a good thing, or a bad thing? Hey I’m just trying to learn here. Don’t wanna be groping a woman in the kitchen if its a bad thing.

  2. It’s both. It’s our thing. He’s been a groper from day one. This is his way of letting me know he’s cool with what ever has been done or said. It’s a bad thing when you have a VERY big VERY sharp knife in your hand.

  3. Okay, well that answers that. LOL – It is good however that at least things can be worked out and he understands. In so many marriages that seem to be out of balance that’s not the case.

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