The beginning of my end?


This is how it begins…

I realized today I haven’t had a pedicure since BEFORE xmas. I see how woman get caught up in not doing the little things for themselves. I try to get my feet “did” 3x a month. I have small pudgy toes so I try to keep my toe game proper. I’ve been lacking because school and other life responsibilities. I plan to get real fucked up this afternoon. I’m celebrating the accomplishment of making it through another week of school. It’s been a tough week. I’m stressed about 2 tests that I didn’t want to take.

So before the self neglect goes any further I’m taking my ass to the shop for a tune(toe) up…cute toes are on the agenda. If I had the loot I get a massage too.


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  1. i wont even mention the last time i got mine done.. summer maybe? maybe.

    i’m working hard on not being a make-do woman. it’s hard though.

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