Okay I lurves penis, pink uns, chocolate uns, carmel uns, wide uns, long uns, fat uns and skinny uns.  I am 99% hettie (Shout out Giggle F!).  Yeah I said 99% deal with it. 

I saw a pic of Salma Hayek and I was like “damn I would fuck her!”  She’s a bad broad.  Her breast are lush and yummy looking.  She got my inner lesbian tossing and turning.  Whew LAWD, dat woman is SUMTHIN’!


That is all, just had to share!


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  1. all you need is 1%! i wish more people admitted that… sexuality is more fluid than i think most would like to believe.

  2. It’s hard to explain to folks, so I stopped trying. People are so weird about OTHER folks sexuality, I guess that way they don’t have to think about their own. People think if you like one woman you want to molest ALL women…which is bullshit.

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