Coming from where I’m from…


It would be really nice to have someone to take this nursing journey with. 

I look around me and I see all these kids laughing and shooting the breeze.  I don’t want that and I don’t wish to be a part of their groups. 

I want someone who is like me, who needs another to lean on when the doubts start to creep in, when the work starts to pile up.  Someone who understands what I’m going through being a student, mom, wife, and a woman. 

I love and appreciate my support system.  It’s wide and varied but no one really understands MY pressures.  I want a nursing sistagirlfriend.  I know that’s asking a lot.  I’d even settle for a guy friend.  Moments like this I miss the Air Force so much it hurts.  Being among people who are like me, on the daily grind and trying to stay off the radar.  I miss putting on that uniform and KNOWING my place.  KNOWING my job.  I miss that. 

I’m feeling out of sorts today.  Questioning myself when I know I shouldn’t.  I wouldn’t change this ride for anything right now, just wish I had someone to ride with me.


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