I see you…


I decided after my one class today I would get some wings and a huge drink and take my sick ass home. I haven’t been eating much of anything due to my cold, today was the first day I really wanted to eat something. I order my wings to go and sit and wait…and wait…and wait.

I noticed him standing off to the side. You know when someone is just waiting for a chance to strike up conversation? Well HE was that person. I smiled when he smiled because I got good home training. He took this as his opening and asked me what I ordered. I laughed and said chicken… it’s a wing joint…umm it’s all chicken right? He tried really hard to be polite. I see you cute chubby white boy…I peeped his flirting before it began.

I looked like shit, I sounded like shit…I’m sick and here comes chad trying to spit game. I was polite and whatnot. He tells me he needs to get his chicken in a hurry because he was parked in handicap parking…breaking the law AND taking parking from those who really need is so NOT the business. I see you chad I see you. I get my chicken and was like… boybye!

Don’t you know when I got outside there it sat…in handicap parking…a black cadillac escalade sitting on shiny rims with Louisiana plates…Niggatry at its best (worst). He ain’t from ’round here. I see you chad.


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