The Plan…


The plan for today is to sit down with my school schedule and figure out when the hell I’m going to work out.  I know my eating is OUT OF CONTROL.  I know if I work out I tend to eat less.  Strange how that works.  I’m at the heaviest I’ve been in over ten years.  I’ve only been heavier when I lived in New England, it was cold as fuck up there in the winter and I was so crazy in love when he ate I ate…gotta love big Italian families.  It’s a shame I don’t want to take family portraits because I’ve gained so much weight…vain much?  So in order to reduce the stress of the big thighs and such I’m going to TRY and work out at least 4 times a week…to start.

I can’t stand looking at myself as I walk by anything reflective.  It’s startling and I’m usually like “whoa I’m a fluffy girl”  I don’t feel bad, oddly enough I just WANT to do better.

Does anyone know how fattening a large vanilla non fat latte is?  I’ve become addicted to this coffee…not a good thing.


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  1. Why thank you Terry…LOL I’m always gonna be fluffy, but not THIS fluffy. LOL!! I’m too short (5′ even) to be thin, I feel comfortable having some…”fluffy softness”

  2. Oh I haven’t started yet, but I plan to start tomorrow. Don’t want to start on a new week cuz then I just put it off.

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