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I had two classes with lectures today.  I’ve been bullshitting around with school and I was feeling a little lost.  I know the blessing of a full ride at a private university.    I’m trying to finish my BSN and eventually finish my MSN.  Like I said before I haven’t been living up to my full potential.  That all stops today.  Today while in Patho, I cried.  I wasn’t ashamed or even slightly embarrassed.  You see today I realized that this is my opportunity to do better, to be better.  There are nurses and health care professionals out there who don’t care about those they are paid to care for.

This is somebody's someone

This is somebody's someone

This is an elderly patient’s backside, the ring you see around his buttocks is from being left on a bedpan, that black part in the middle is the bottom of his scrotum.  It has necroses (the skin has died).  Someone didn’t care enough to take him off the bedpan.  He had to have been left for a very long time…by a health care professional.

I was so disgusted and angry when I saw this, and then I was overwhelmed with sadness.  I cried because this is someone’s family member.  Everyone deserves professional care and kindness.  While I know I can’t help everyone, I can strive to make a difference in those people who are left in my care.

Now is the time, I have to do better, be better.


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  1. oh holy hell! this picture inspires to me to either 1. be damn good to my children, or 2. find a facility for my later days while i’m still aware, and then pray that they have nurses who actually care.

    that shit is sad!!! it’s horrible how we treat people who can’t care for themselves…

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