Get your own uterus


I am a grown ass woman.  I been holding my own since I had my son at 18.  I chose to become a mother.  There was a time when I chose not be a mother…again.  Me and the most high have talked about that decision and I stand by my choices because they were the right ones for me

I know women who have multiple abortions and women who haven’t and wouldn’t have one.  With all the ills of the world we have so much to tackle, so much to provide for those who are lacking in the basics.  While I do not believe the Government should  ever use taxpayers funds to fund abortions, I am in favor of the government giving women and girls ALL the information available so each woman or girl and make an INFORMED decision. 

Those with and without uteruses should never be able to decide what another person should do with theirs.  Abortion is a private decision not a public one.  No amount of bibling slinging  and  scripture reciting is going to change what is true.  Every woman should decide for HERSELF what happens with her body.  Stay out of my uterus, it’s mine.


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