It’s that time of year again.  Where the saved and the sanctified start to talk about the value of the unborn.

It’s one of the many things that irks me living in this little ass town.  Around this time each year the people around these parts start to wave their red LIFE flags.  I try to ignore the hypocrites and keep it moving, but I always ask myself the same question every fuckin’ year…What about those who are already here?  So concerned about what’s happening in someone else’s uterus but can’t say hello or good mornin’ to your next door neighbor because the don’t look like you or worship as you do.  I know Jesus is having a good laugh at this hick hillybilly motherfuckers.  I’m expecting a plague of locust at any minute.


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  1. I ain’t goin’ to tell you again…COME HOME!!! The colored folks miss you! LOL!!

  2. eh, i feel you! i’ve always been a supporter of free will. interesting thing is, jesus was too. how soon we forget. or perhaps we just don’t want to remember.

    i seriously started asking them how many children they had adopted. i mean if you care so much about the value of every child’s life, you should have about 18 or 19 adopted kids… and they are the first people whining about how their taxes are so high because of people on public assistance programs. if you believe in the right of the unborn, you need to believe in your obligation to pay for the unborn and the unborn’s host too!

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