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This is my true doggy love. She is a pound puppy, well we got her from someone who didn’t want her anymore (full time student) She is 4yrs old. Her name is Iris Da Brave…Iris for short. She’s 125 lbs rottie in the body of a 19lbs schnauzer mutt mix. She will roll up on fools who “trespass” against us. She keeps us safe.

She is also very “motherly” and loving when I had surgery in 2007 she slept next to me while I dozed on the couch and she followed me to the bathroom and made sure I made it back to the couch safe and sound.

She has a thing for toes, when she figures out you are a friend she will wait until you have naked toes and she will lick them until you run her off.

I don’t get to spend a lot of time with her, but I do love her. She’s my love.


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  1. that is one cute doggie!!! she looks so friendly and adorable! her and scooter could totally be friends if he wasn’t such an ass!

  2. Oh Iris gets along with everyone. She catches most people of guard cause she’s so lovey dovey. She would have scooter cuddling in no time at all. LOL!

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