Credit where credit is due


I bitch and moan A LOT about my hubby.  He does bother me to nth degree at times, but since school has started for me he has really tried to step and do his thing.

He started his new job and they are working him like a Hebrew slave.  He goes in early and works late, but he doesn’t complain.  This job will allow us to be together as a family and allow me to finish school with his support.

I am blessed.

So instead of bitching about him today, this sista is going to give credit where credit is due.

He’s holding me down like I need him to.

He let me go to bed at 7 o’clock last night because my gallbladder is giving me the business all the time now, he got up with the kids this morning, ironed their clothes and my clothes too.  Let me shower first AND dicked a sista down real good( I MEAN REAL GOOD LIKE DAMN! GO ON HEAD BABY THIS IS YO PUSSY GOOD!).

Credit where credit is due!


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