You coulda told me!


Went to see my provider yesterday about my belly pain. Had a CT this morning (yeah it was that quick my provider rocks out with her cock out!) . Hopefully I will know the results of the scan by Tuesday of next week.



I had to drink that awful “lemonade” crap had to fast after 8pm yesterday. I was hungry, nauseated, and sleepy. When I went to check out and they gave me geez wiz info…call 911 in an emergency, provider will contact you with results…blah blah blah…what that mofo forgot to tell me is that either the “lemonade” and/or the IV contrast meds will make you pee out of your butthole!

That little piece of info would have been really great to know. Don’t even think about sneaking a little fart (no I didn’t try it) the rumbling and the rocking and the rolling in my gut spoke LOUD and CLEAR!!!

My tummy still hurts and now I have butt pee…JUST FUCKING GREAT!!!


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