I’m still here.  Giving thanks and trying to stay on task.  Still dealing with all my issues.  Didn’t make any resolutions this year, I’d rather be about it than talk about it.  I have so many things I need to write about, I write them in my head and then stare at a blank screen when it’s time to let them go.

I’m trying to cut down my computer time, getting ready for the spring semester.  18 credit hours w/ 2 labs.  I’m going to be hurting and I will DEFINITELY taking some ME time.  You hear that THELMA we going to be in the wind…in May 2009…HAHA that’s my motivation, that and finishing this degree so I can get back to the east coast.

Hey Giggle and Lib ya’ll have been on my mind.  We need to get together before Peptita(o) F. Baby comes.  Still need to know where ya’ll are registered <strong side eye w/ a teeth suck for good measure>

I’m nervous about the new year, but I am so thankful for ALL my 2008 blessings and pain as well.  It wasn’t easy but we made it.  Blessed.

My baby boy will be 18 this year, pray for him ya’ll cuz in the wild I would’ve have eaten him already.  He stay fucking up but I love him always.


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  1. i’ve been missing you and wonderin where you been but i also figured you are enjoying your break! we’re registered at babys r us and i need your address so i can send a shower invite (though i know you have a family to take care of).

    i’ll pour a little likker for your son. you already got past the hardest part, so start your celebration dance now 🙂

  2. she failed to mention that at some point between now and never, we will be doing another registry at target. perhaps this weekend??? yeah, and we need your address to put you on our official mailing list!

  3. Hey…I am ready for a road trip anytime! Welcome 2009!!! You gots to take care of you. Holla!!!!

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