Friday Wishes


I wish…

I wasn’t so nervous about his new job

I knew what my final grades were TODAY!!!

My oldest would take his head out his ass

I had a BIOLOGICAL co-parent who was worth a damn

I didn’t feel so antsy about the coming semester

I had more patience

The full moon would stop following me

That 151 would stop whispering my name

He wouldn’t call me baby/babe

He would stop flirting

He would understand never in this lifetime and not the next one either

Winter would get the fuck on already

I was already chillin at the spa

I had already started Excess(Xmas) shopping

I could get my mind right


One response »

  1. It is funny that you talk about the full moon…I saw it too when I was coming from work. You and He popped into my head. I was wondering if you 2 were looking at it at the same time. Funny thought on a Friday morning….to be in love…you go!!!

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