Friday Wishes


I wish…

My oldest son would figure out high school is just a bump in the road on the way to real life

I lived some place where winter weather was unheard of

I could go to Jamaica now and not have to wait until spring

I was done with school and off on my career adventure

I could stick to a eating and exercise plan

He would get his shit to together and not squander this new opportunity

We could agree on money issues

He would handle his business and stop being a tittay baby

This semester was over and I had straight A’s

I could focus and get a A out of Chemistry

I wish I knew TODAY if he got the job

I could trust and believe in those who have penises

I was more driven

I knew I was doing the right thing

It was 4pm and I could be chillin’ sippin on some wine

I didn’t have to quit my job

I could pray and let go and let God

I was the best me I could be


3 responses »

  1. Girl…we got the paperwork in and it is outta our control. I say “our” because I did what I did because you and yours are my family. It is our success. So…give him a hug, he really worked hard. I had to kick him a coupla times, but he listened and we got it in.:o) Thank goodness.:o)

  2. Thelma you are the shit, I wanna be like you when I grow up! LOL!!

    Giggle, it’s really fun and freeing. Nothing wrong with wishing.

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