Makes me wanna holla


I know you’re selfish and perhaps a little spoiled…mmm perhaps.  I understand these are not the qualities I admire most.  I believe I have some selfishness within as well.

I try really hard to put “me” aside for the greater good.

But you…you…whew lawd… are just a dumbass somtimes.

I try to tell you that you are turning our kids into spoiled brats, do you listen…ummm naw.

So you bought the Wii.  I held my tongue because you had been away and I know you wanted to give them something special.  I chalked that up to the parental game.

Now you talking ’bout a 360…NINJA are you out yo muthafuckin’ mind.

I’m trying to tell you they don’t appreciate the things they already have, but steadily trying to buy mo shit.

Just put ya big boy drawers on and say you want to buy it for you.  Admit you don’t need that shit and just come out ya mouth and say you’re being childish and spoiled.  SAY THAT SHIT…OWN IT!!!

When you wanted to spend 8K on a fuckin’ bike I agreed and we spent that money.  The truck is paid off so it made sense that you could get something for you.  YOU GOT THAT SHIT!  NOW GO SADDOWN!!!

Now you talking ’bout you want a newer ride.  Are you fuckin serious?

You know how the money goes right now and all you thinkin ’bout is what you want.  Stop being such a spoiled ass baby!  Sometimes you gotta wait for shit…WAAAAAAIT FOR IT……WAAAAAIT FOR IT!

Then you wanna have you’re lip stuck out when I tell you to sell your bike and get the smooth new ride!

You ain’t even cracked a book for promotion, but you steady stay trying to spend money on shit that don’t make a bit o sense.  That ain’t even good business, we in a fuckin recession ninja.  We got bills and you ain’t stackin paper out of control.

I want something better, I want a man who see the big picture who understands that sometime, most times the good shit comes AFTER the hard shit is done.

You make me sick, SADDOWN and get the fuck away from me.


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