Deja Fuck You


Okay so you can’t do shit around the house?  I’m for serious.

Oh yeah you holding me down alright, please stop…what fuck are the kids suppose to wear?  Oh yeah let the little nigga chirren run around in dirty shit.

I just don’t get it, you try to get ass on the regular but you expect me to work my ass for you and ours.

Fuck you and I means that shit with the venom of a den full of diamondbacks.

Is it any wonder home is not where my heart is?

Don’t even look at me, I don’t even want you to take a breath in my atmosphere.  You ain’t worth trying, really your not.


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  1. Girl…Phew! I had to take a deep breath. Okay…I was okay with the tirade until you threw the snakes up in there. What in the bejeezus happened? He still don’t like laundry hunh? No one really likes it, but we do what we have to do. So, I understand. Sooooo, did you tell him this? I mean out loud? You should say something…maybe a little watered down as not to hurt him too badly. (((HUGS))) (((LUVS)))) and all the Above….

  2. No I didn’t tell him, because I knew it would be a straight shot and not watered down. He ended up folding them though! LOL!!!

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