Frog days of fall


Today is one of those days that I know I’m taking my blessing for granted.  The semester is more than half over and I don’t feel any relief.  I’m racking up extra credit like mad trying to keep my GPA in the standing for my application process next month.

I’m not applying myself because it seems like school is stretching on forever, again I’m taking this blessing for granted.  Bad midget!

I’m sitting in the library with my Chemistry book mocking me.  I’m on my laptop because I needed to write.

My eating has gotten way out of hand, I know I’m using it to cope with the fallout that surrounds my first born.  I haven’t seen him since Sunday.  I can’t let up on school and my classes clash with visiting hours. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll be home within the week.

I can see those frogs jumping all around me.  Trying to stir up fear and more than a little apathy.  I got to get my shit kickers on so I can squash as many as I can catch.  One frog don’t stop my show.  Ribbit ribbit muthfucka!


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