When I held it down…


I can’t help but look at you and wonder what the fuck were you thinking?

I held it down for all of us. I have my imperfections, but I had your back when shit got hot. My repayment was you flirting with some chick you ain’t even know. Trying to plot and got caught. Keep ya day job nigga.

I held it down taking care of you and home so when you do little shit(a load of laundry?) it does not faze me. I figure you should be paid in full just like you tried to pay me.

I look at the platinum and diamonds, it don’t move me at all. I’m ashamed of having loved and put my faith in you

Hate and love dwell in the same heart.

I don’t expect perfection, but expect you to take care of home first.

Home is not where this heart is, trust and believe


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  1. Hit me up if you need to talk. I know this is your outlet, so I am thinking that he did not get to hear these words. Hope you are well. I am here…lean on me.

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