Love’s Truth


She told him as she held back her emotions, she needed something perhaps he could not give.

He told her if she needed to walk away then he would understand, but he would ALWAYS be right there for her. Loving her.

She didn’t want to add to his shoulders anymore burdens, he told her she was and never could be a burden.

She wept.

Told him of her pain, he told her he knew he could feel it during their silence.

He said he only wanted to give love.

She wept harder.

She told him of her fears, of how she had been afraid to speak her truths.

He told her to never be afraid to speak her heart, it was who she was.

He told her he would do better, be better and figure out how to ease her pain.

He asked her if she trusted in him, they both sat in a moment of silence.

He was asking her to have faith, to step out and follow her heart’s desire.

She wiped her tears and spoke through her fear she told him yes she trusted him.

He told her he loved her and she knew that was his truth.


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