Like OMG!!!!


I’m working on this project for school.  I don’t work well with others and I certainly don’t work well with 18-19yr old beckies.  I’m the only sista in the entire class, I’m cool with that, I’m quite used to it.

We all have to provide our own data and research sources.  I had already done my part and e-mailed it to our group “leader”.  I met with the group today to tie up the project so we can present it next week.

They were trying to come up with a conclusion for the presentation, so I laid it down for them.  Something I had written for my part of the project.

This becky looks at me and starts flipping through the book, she asks with a straight face where I found that in the book.  I look her dead in her baby blues and tell her I wrote it.  She starts to get all giddy and starts that becky squeal they like to use and then….”LIKE OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE IT TOTALLY CAME FROM A BOOK!”  I told her this is what I do, I’m a writer.

Her reaction would almost be funny if it weren’t so fucking predictable.  I need to get out of whiteville.


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  1. No comment! She would not know good talent if it slapped her in the face like a hard dick! Like OMG! What was that? A penis? Duuuuhhhhhhh!!!!

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