I hate being afraid, I despise it more than just about anything. Fear is ugly and selfish and takes what it wants. But for you I would live in fear, fear of losing myself in a moment of pure wanting. Fear of losing the hope that one day you will be able to see my soul and recognize it as the mirror to your own. Fear that you will never truly know how much I love the best and worst parts of you. Fear that you will not and can not love me in the emotional and physical. Living everyday with the fear that when you are laying deep inside the warmest part of me, even then you won’t truly belong to me. But for you I will live these everyday…


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  1. You are on the edge of running back towards that “fear”. He has a hold on your heart…and that is normal when you are in love. I believe in facing my fears. You are saying that you want to face yours in this message here. If that is the case, then I back you all the way. I think a good sit down, face to face, no holds barred convo with your “fear” is in order. Sounds like a soul searching road trip to me. What say you?

  2. I don’t think I’m ready to face it. When I face I have to be stronger than I feel right now. I feel so weak in love. I know love is suppose to make you stronger, but the only thing getting stronger is the love I feel. Crazy huh?

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